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liveblissfulSharon Hibbard, you are a Word Wizard! I’ve always struggled with content, probably because I’ve been viewing my message only from my perspective. You were able to spin me around and provide a deeper understanding into my potential client’s psychology!

Our one-on-one sessions have instilled assurance in speaking my “pitch” and crafting my written communication.

Sharon, you’ve provided so much during our sessions that much of my LiveBlissful.com website and re-branding has been created because of your spot-on content formulas. It’s as if the light bulb finally got turned on in my mind!

Thank you for your guidance, your illustration of my message, and supporting me fully to growing a “blissful” business!

Bliss and Blessings,

Barbara Badolati

Lifestyle Wellness Coach, Experienced-500 Registered Yoga Teacher, WellPRO Int’l Coach and Mentor, www.LiveBlissful.com

Sharon is a hardworking and dedicated business coach who takes her clients’ businesses very seriously. She is passionate about helping other small business owners increase their profits so that they can not only stay in business but thrive.

Sharon is very creative and brings her ideas and creative concepts to the table to help her clients gain clarity as well as set themselves apart from the competition. She is a delight to work with – her passion is energizing and her honesty is appreciated.

Lisa Hall

Business Success Coach, Public Speaker and Trainer and Consultant, Tight Ship Business Coaching

Sharon you do work miracles. I am so grateful for the support you have given me through your amazing programs. I really am amazed at how easily content flows out of YOU that works so perfectly for me.

Big Happy LoveWorking with you feels effortless and yet I get so much valuable material. The content you helped me with for Big Happy LOVE would have taken me forever to SEE and you helped me uncover it so quickly… Because of YOU, I am now equipped with the most important business tool… and that is my MESSAGE. Thank you so much!!!

Learn to attract the one that adores everything about you. Creator of Big Happy LOVE & The Love Advantage.

Macy Matarazzo

Love Coach, Big Happy Love

My presentation was just around the corner, and I wasn’t getting the content done on my own. So I reached out to Sharon for help. The result was a signature speech that I am now tailoring and delivering to other audiences.

In her program, Sharon taught me how to create “compelling” content that would appeal to my audience, while giving me the individualized help that I needed every step of the way.

In our work together, we developed the content for my presentation, honed the message about my business, and created my call to action. Sharon even worked with me on improving my delivery. She gave me homework to do in between calls in order to keep the ball rolling so that when the day came I was able to present with confidence.

As a side benefit to working with Sharon on my presentation, I also use the messaging that we developed in every day conversations about my business.

Charla Mahon

Owner/Founder, WeManage Your Biz

I was hugely impressed. You nailed the elevator pitch adjustments and you did it without taking a breath. I’ve seen many others perform giving that type of feedback, but yours was the most pinpoint and without hesitation. Clearly intuitive for you.

I doubt that any who chose your breakout session were at all disappointed. You were the highlight of the event.

Stacey Pruim

It was great meeting you! I will definitely be contacting you soon. I’m starting my own coaching business and will need help with “everything”! Thank you so much for all of the wonderful information that you shared! I was so impressed that you did exactly what you were teaching us to do when you were presenting. Have a blessed day!

Diane Allen

Your “Master your Message – Make Millions” breakout session was awesome yesterday! Loved the message of attracting the right audience & repelling those that are not. 🙂 Looking forward to the follow-up template & 5 steps ebook and our personal session. So glad to meet you & love your story too! Thanks.

Debi Houck


Thank you for being a part of Lisa Hall’s event! It was so empowering to be in the same room with so many wonderful, successful and uplifting women like you.

Your Break Out Session was inspiring and informative in the best way possible. I felt your message was meant for ALL of us and I left feeling so much more confident in my “elevator speech.”

I will continue to work on it with the pointers and advice you shared.

It truly was a pleasure to talk to you and I am so grateful Lisa invited you to be a part of her event!

Cara L. Knapp


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A Gift for YOU…

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