The magic is in your message… and so is the money!

As someone who helps others make big money from their message, what I’m about to say will shock you…

Your message is NOT enough.

If all you have is a tagline, if all you have is an elevator speech, if all you have is a catchy message…you might as well not show up.

Why is that?

You see, there are two reasons that you are either not making as much money as you want, or may be struggling to even make a sale at all…

First, you do not have a magnetic message – a clear message that magnetically attracts your ideal audience of potential clients.

Now, some of you do. But, here is the second step that I am willing to bet that few of you have…

You haven’t infused that message into everything you do.

Having a magnetic message is fantastic… and it is only the first step to making a living – making money – doing what you love to do.

Because once you have magnetized them with your message, you have to mesmerize them with what you can do for THEM. That is where the money comes from!

When you can take that message, and infuse it into everything you do – infuse it into your signature talk, your signature product or service, your launches…

When you infuse it into the things that people will pay for – your products and programs, an event or a workshop, and into your pitches and offers…

When you infuse your message into EVERYTHING you do… EVERYTHING CHANGES!


magnet-bullet-shadow50Suddenly, YOU become a market leader! You become someone who stands out… because whatever we do, let’s face it; there are a lot of other people who seem similar…at first.

magnet-bullet-shadow50Suddenly, people will know the distinctive result that you deliver, and the distinctive way you deliver it.

magnet-bullet-shadow50Suddenly, amidst all the people they could hire to do what they want to do… they are going to choose YOU.

Because, not only have you magnetized them with your message…you have mesmerized them with what you can do for them.

When you combine a magnetic message with the outcomes that you create, suddenly you have MONETIZED!

Magnetize, Mesmerize, Monetize…BOOM!

So what does this look like?

A message isn’t just a catchy phrase. It is the key that opens the door to making a living doing what you love.

First, a magnetic message captures the attention of your ideal audience. It gets them to recognize that you are speaking to them, and to recognize that they want and need what you have to offer.

Next, it shows them what is unique about you, and most importantly, it communicates the outcome that you create for THEM.

When you infuse your message into everything you do, suddenly they choose you…and it’s easy, and it’s obvious…and it doesn’t take a long time!

And here is the primary problem that challenges so many of you when it comes to magnetizing with your message, and mesmerizing with what you can do for them…

So many coaches, mentors, healers, nutritionists, energy-workers, spiritual, transformational and heart-centered entrepreneurs…so many realtors, chiropractors, financial planners, attorneys, insurance agents…so many business-owners in every field imaginable spend so much time talking about what they do and how they do it, and far too little time talking about what they can do FOR THEIR CLIENTS.

Messaging is not about making everyone like you!

Messaging is about helping the people in your audience – who are already pre-disposed to needing and wanting what you have to offer – to recognize that what you do will provide for them the outcome that they not only want to pay for…but will pay for.

It’s about making the people who are already ready to work with you say “There she is…and she has exactly what I need!”

You help them to realize that you are the person who can take them from where they are now to where they want to go, and you help them to understand that if they truly believed in their dream, they would have no option but to work with you.

This is how you monetize your message. This is how you will finally make money doing what you love.

How do you do this?

THIS is why it is Magnetize, Mesmerize, Monetize.

Magnetize your message to attract your ideal prospects.

Mesmerize your prospects by using your message to show them what you can do for them.

Monetize by infusing your message into your programs, your workshops, your live events…everything you do…

and you make money!

You see, a message does nothing at all if it is just something you talk about with people. What people want to know – what they want to see and experience – is how you will DELIVER on that message.

The way you deliver on that message is through your programs, your talks, your events, your products…your OFFERINGS. Unless you are able to build that bridge between your magnetic message and your offerings, your offerings will sound just like everybody else’s.

Infusing your message into your offerings is what makes these offerings “signature” – unique to you and unlike anything else “out there.”

Through our work together, I will help you to create “signature offerings” to mesmerize your audience…signature talks, signature systems and signature programs that will position you as the only one who can lead your audience to where they want to go. When they invest in themselves, and invest in their dreams by investing in your offerings, that is how you will know that you have monetized your message.

The proof will come when you begin to see the reaction that people give you – they begin to buy. The proof comes when the people with whom you share your message not only understand what you are offering, but invest in it…because they realize that not investing in your offering means not investing in what they need to achieve their dream. Saying “no” to you is saying “no” to their dream!

The Magnetize to Monetize Strategy Session:

I’m Sharon Hibbard, your Message-to-Money Mentor, and I’d love to chat with you about how I can help you to magnetize, mesmerize and monetize your message.

Are you tired of struggling to “identify your ideal audience,” “narrow your niche” or “target your tribe?”

Are you ready to stop searching for your clients and attract them “magnetically” to you instead?

Isn’t it time to finally have a unique message that you can confidently communicate – everywhere you go, to anyone you meet?

If you are ready to discover how to master your message to attract more contacts, clients and cash

If you are ready to finally MONETIZE your message, infusing it into everything you do in your business…

If you are ready to discover how to take what you already have, already know and already create, and put it to work for you to make money doing what you love to do…

Then let’s chat!

I invite you to schedule a FREE “Magnetize to Monetize” Strategy Session with me.

Here’s what you can expect during our call…

We are going to take a look at your current message, and talk about what is unique about you and your business.

Then, we will explore how you can make a massive impact, and make big money using your message throughout every aspect of your business – so that people don’t just understand what you do…they want what you do. And beyond that, they will understand that the fastest path to what they want goes through you…and that is why they will invest in what you do!

Finally, we will talk about the various ways we could work together to help you reach your goals, and discuss the next step if we should mutually decide that we are a “fit.”

I am looking forward to speaking with you!



Ready to Magnetize, Mesmerize and Monetize?