You love what you do. You are passionate about your business, and you know that you provide an important and valuable product or service that truly makes a difference in the lives of your clients.

You know that you have a message – and you work hard to share it with everybody you meet… at networking events, in the conversations you have, in the newsletters you write, and through every other effort you make to promote your business.

Yet try as you might, they just don’t seem to “get it.”

It’s so frustrating! You cannot seem to attract enough new clients, and many of the people you meet just don’t seem to be the right “fit.”

So what’s the problem?

The problem may be that your message is not “magnetic.”

A ‘magnetic message’ is  the bridge to a business that lets you have a life, rather than one that keeps you sweating to barely get by. 

Here’s why ‘magnetizing your message’ can catapult your profits… 

  • When your message is ‘magnetic’ it serves to attract your ideal client or customer, and draws them in to work with you… rather than you going out to search for them.

  • When you have a magnetic message to promote your business, you won’t need to “sell” or convince your prospects to work with you, or engage in hours of random cold-calling, door-to-door sales or other less-targeted methods to build your business.

  • You will also save a ton of time and money on your paid advertising, both in print and online, because all your marketing materials will have a greater impact – it’s about quality over quantity.

Your magnetic message is not intended to attract everybody. The objective of your magnetic message is to attract and engage the right prospects – your ‘ideal client audience’ – by guiding them to identify themselves as having a problem or challenge for which your product or service is the ideal solution. 

Your product or service is the perfect answer for people who have a specific urgent issue or challenge – a problem for which they are already seeking a solution.

Example: If you have a leaky faucet, an electrician will probably not be of much help… but a plumber? Yes! That is the person who can solve this specific issue, and is most needed – right now.

You need a magnetic message to be able to connect with your ideal prospects quickly, and with fewer struggles.

Once you have identified your own magnetic message, you will use it consistently through every piece of content or copy, and in every form of media that you use to market your business, both online and off. Whether you are writing a newsletter article, giving a 60-second ‘elevator pitch’ at a networking event, or writing the script for a tele-class or speaking presentation, your message remains the same.

To be certain that your message is “magnetic” – that it is “optimized” to attract the ideal clients to your business – follow the 6 KEY Steps to Creating a Magnetic Message… 

KEY #1 

  • Lead your audience to identify themselves as having the problem that your product or service addresses.

State the problem or concern using language to which your audience can easily relate. Remember that, while you know the terminology of your own profession, your ideal client may not relate to those words. Try to “mirror” the language they would use when describing their problem.

Example: If you are a chiropractor, you may want to ask your audience, “Do you suffer from pain in your lower back?” as opposed to “Are you suffering from sciatica or a herniated disc?” 

KEY #2 

  • Heighten your audience’s awareness of the pain or discomfort their challenge is causing for them, and what the cost may be if they do not find a solution… and fast!

Most people, when facing an ongoing problem or challenge, will tend to ‘power-through’ and suppress their feelings about the issue – to help themselves to ‘get through the day’ –  while they continue to seek a solution.

While you cannot create emotions for a person around a problem that does not exist for them, your message can amplify the emotions that already exist inside the people who are challenged with the problem that you can solve, by calling attention to and increasing their awareness of the issue in the moment.

This will increase their desire to find a solution… quickly.

Example: “Is your back pain making it difficult to participate in simple, daily activities, and preventing you from enjoying your life to the fullest?”

KEY #3 

  • Connect their problem to a possible solution that demonstrates that you understand their needs and empathize with their concerns. 

This builds your credibility, and positions you as a knowledgeable, “go-to” resource – which can lead to enrolling more clients in less time… so you can have more time to do the things you love to do!

And, when you build rapport with your prospects by sharing that, not only do you have expertise in their area of difficulty, but you also have compassion, and genuinely care about helping them to find the solution they need, you’ll be faced with fewer objections, and be able to overcome the ones that do arise more easily.

A great start is to craft this as an ‘If…, then…’ statement.

Example: “If you are a busy new mom who is having difficulty shedding those last few pounds of baby weight, then you need a diet and exercise plan that is easy to fit in to your busy schedule – a plan that will leave you energized, not exhausted, and satisfied, rather than starving.” 

KEY #4 

  • Suggest the positive results – a desirable outcome – they can expect to achieve through implementing such a solution. 

Think about what implementing your solution will make possible for them. What outcome can they achieve through investing in you – your product or service – that would not have otherwise been possible? After all, if they could have achieved the same results without your solution, wouldn’t they already have done so?

Use descriptive, ‘emotional’ language that will keep them eager to achieve the results they want.

Example: “When you follow the right plan, you will finally have the energy you’ve been lacking to keep up with your new little one, and you’ll begin to notice your body looking even better than before baby!”

KEY #5 

  • Give them a small sample of what your solution provides, without specifically sharing what your solution is. 

Give them a valuable tip or suggestion… an ‘action step’ that they can implement immediately as one small step toward improving their situation.

You’ll want to provide something helpful that will inspire them and give them hope that the outcome they want is truly attainable – a sample of your best advice.

But, be careful not to give them too much – just enough to whet their appetite for more. They will still need an expert like you to bring them to the final solution. If you give them more than a taste – an ‘appetizer’ – they will not be ‘hungry’ to invest in your services. 

People love to ‘try before they buy,’ and they want to see fast, noticeable, measurable results. You’ve heard the term, ‘instant gratification?’

Well, there are few better ways to increase your prospects’ engagement with your message, or increase their interest in investing in you.

Example: Let’s go back to the plumber as an example…”If you notice a leak, one thing you can do to prevent further damage while you wait for the plumber to arrive is to turn off the water supply at the source. This will prevent additional water from flowing into the leaky pipe.” 

KEY #6 

  • Your message must always tell your audience what to do next! Create a compelling ‘call-to-action!’ 

You may think it is obvious. After all, your ideal prospects already know they have the problem that you address. They realize that you understand how they feel, and that you have the knowledge to advise them regarding a solution. You have even made them eager to reach the solution.

But… you have not taken them all the way! They need to do something to take that final step. You cannot assume that they know what to do… you need to tell them.

Having a call-to-action can be the difference between having a business that struggles and a business that sizzles. You’ll be surprised how many people will say “YES” when you ASK! And remember, you don’t even need a large group of people to say “yes”… having just a handful of the right people accepting your offer can make a HUGE difference in your bottom line!

So, what do you want them to do? Do you want them to contact you for more information? Do you want them to call to schedule an appointment? Do you want them to sign up to be on your mailing list so you can keep in contact with them?

What is the next action that your prospect needs to take to get one step closer to the solution they seek? Your message must call upon them to take this action.

Even a 60-second ‘elevator pitch’ can be a more ‘magnetic message’ simply by including a call-to-action.

Example: “If you are ready to learn more about how I can help you to overcome “XYZ” please give me a call at 1-800-CALL-1234, or send me an email at”

So, there you have it…

6 KEY Steps to Creating a Magnetic Message 

… a message that will connect you with your ideal clients, and help you build rapport with them quickly – and with less struggle.

… a message that will enable you to sell almost without selling, and to overcome objections more easily – often before they even come up.

… a message that will help you to fill your practice FAST – so you can make more money in less time, doing exactly what you love to do – and have the freedom to enjoy it!

And, before you go… 

Here’s another example of a call-to-action – and this one is real:

Did you know that there are THREE PIECES of critical information that you MUST include to make your calls-to-action compelling?

Well, there are, and in my next blog post, I’ll be breaking these three critical pieces down for you in detail. You won’t want to miss it, so come back soon to check it out here!


“The magic is in your message… and so is the money!”