Sharon Hibbard

Message-to-Money Mentor


Sharon Hibbard is known to her followers as “The Message-to-Money Mentor.”

An expert in marketing communications, Sharon works with her clients to identify their specific ideal audience, and clarify their unique “magnetic message,” enabling them to confidently communicate what makes them different and best-qualified to provide their product or service.

Sharon’s clients learn to “MONETIZE” their message by infusing it into every aspect of their businesses – compelling copy and content, signature talks that sell, personalized products and packages – so they can establish authority, position themselves as experts in their field…and, most importantly, MAKE MONEY doing what they love to do.

With a diverse background in all things creative – teaching, marketing, advertising, copy-writing, interior design, franchise-ownership and more than a decade of entrepreneurial experience – the underlying theme of Sharon’s career path can be summarized in one phrase…putting her creative talents in service of those seeking to make a massive impact with their lives and businesses.

Sharon firmly believes “The magic is in your message…and so is the money!”



Ready to Magnetize, Mesmerize and Monetize?