We all have a message – a unique perspective, a point of view – something important to share. Communicating that message effectively, so you reach the right audience, create a connection with them and encourage them to take action, can often be a challenge.

The “challenge,” for most people, occurs because there is a myth that exists about creating content – a wide-spread belief that it is difficult…time-consuming…a mysterious talent or skill that only a few possess. The fact is that this is simply not true!

The truth is that you do not need to be a world-class author or copywriter to create compelling content that will attract and engage the people you want to reach with your message.

It is my passion to help you to overcome that challenge – by sharing with you the steps, short-cuts and “secrets” – the tips and “tricks” that you can follow to easily create your own copy and content – so you can connect with your ideal audience and deliver your personal message in the most compelling way possible, through any media, both online and off.

Creating content can be fast…and FUN. Yes, really!

But wait! Before you pick up that pen, or sit down at that keyboard…before I share with you the things you should do as you begin to create your content…it is even more important that I share with you what NOT to do when creating your copy and content!


There are several critical mistakes that I see being consistently made by so many people that are killing the effectiveness of the content they are working so hard to create – mistakes that are preventing them from making a genuine connection with their audience, keeping their audience from knowing what to do next, or even preventing them from reaching their audience at all!

This is a big problem, because even if you follow all the right steps – making sure to do all the things you should do when creating your content – making just one of these mistakes can undermine your entire effort, and require you take a step backward. If you want your content to be effective – and achieve the results you desire – it will be essential to go back to correct these mistakes, even if you have made only one of them!

You see, if you know what to AVOID before you even begin the creation process, there will be no need to go back later to correct these super-common mistakes. You can then zip through the creation process, knowing that your content will reach your intended audience, will achieve the desired results, and will require fewer revisions before you are ready to deliver your message in the most compelling way possible.

So, to help you to create your content the right way – from the beginning – here is a simple checklist for you to follow to identify the most common mistakes you should avoid when creating your copy and content:


try to appeal to everybody or anybody…

Instead, create your content to attract ONLY your IDEAL audience.

speak a “foreign language,” using jargon, technical terms or industry-specific language…

Instead, use the words and phrases your audience would use when describing their problem and the solution they are seeking.

boast about how wonderful your product or service is…

Instead, demonstrate that you understand what your audience needs and, more importantly, how they feel.

rattle off a list of features and details about your product or service or describe the process or system you use to make your product or provide your service…

Instead, focus on the results your audience can expect – the desirable outcome they will achieve – when they choose to work with you.

expect your audience to know the next step they need to take…

Instead, ALWAYS give them a “call-to-action” – tell them the next step they need to take – to bring them closer to the solution they need, and bring you closer to making the sale.

Do you recognize any of these as mistakes you may have made when creating your content?

Keep an eye out for these, so you can avoid them in the future…and keep watching for future posts in this series. I will be exploring each of these mistakes in greater detail, so you will know exactly why you should avoid each one, and I will give you specific suggestions about what you can do instead to make all the content you create more compelling.

Remember, a magnetic message + compelling content = more connections, clients and cash!

“The magic is in your message…and so is the money!”